frequently asked questions


Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are only required for full-service grooming. Appointments are not required for self-service grooming, however we do recommend you call ahead to see how busy we are. 

When are you open?

We are open from 10AM-7PM Monday through Friday and from 9AM-3PM Saturday and Sunday. We are closed on all major holidays as well as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. 

Do you take cats or other animals?

Yes! We offer full-service grooming for both cats and dogs. Our self-service grooming is available for cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and any other small furry house pet.

It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure their pets are well-behaved and friendly. lather. A Pet Bath House is not responsible for any illness or injuries resulting from non-social pets.

Does my pet need vaccination?

Yes. lather. A Pet Bath House requires that every dog be up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations and recommends the DHLPP and bordetella vaccinations. Please bring a copy of your pet's vaccination records to your first appointment. They should also be on a regular flea and tick treatment as well as have had a negative fecal test result within the past 6 months. Cats should be up-to-date on rabies, FVRCP, and bordetella vaccinations. They should also be on a regular flea and tick treatment, have had a negative FeLV/FIV (Feline Leukemia/AIDS) combo test, as well as a negative fecal test result within the past 6 months. lather. A Pet Bath House is not responsible for any illness or injuries resulting from non-vaccinated pets.

Do I have to bring my own shampoo or any other bathing supplies for the d.i.y. service?

No! The only thing you're required to bring is a dirty pet! lather provides an apron, the tub, shampoo, conditioner, fresh towels and a high-powered dryer for you to use. You don't even have to clean up afterwards... we do that for you!

Is there a time limit to bathe my pet?

We understand that some pets can be a bit more time-consuming than others, so we do not give a time limit - as long as it's within reason!

How will I get my BIG pet in the tub?

Our tubs have steps as well as available ramps. If you are still having difficulty our staff can assist you.

If I need assistance during my pet's wash, can someone help me?

Yes, lather always has licensed, professional groomers on staff to assist you, provide nail trims, or anything else you need assistance with.

Do I have to bathe my own pet?

Nope! While we offer self-service grooming, we offer full-service grooming as well. Our licensed, professional groomers take appointments every day to handle all of your pet's grooming needs. 

Can I stay while my pet is groomed?

Absolutely! You are always welcome to bond with your pet and enjoy our facilities while your pet is groomed.

Do you have hot water available for self-service and full-service grooming?


What types of grooming products do you use?

We use natural and organic shampoos, conditioners and other grooming products. 

Where can I park?

Parking on Liberty Avenue (in front of our building) is metered parking Monday through Saturday. There is free parking available on Winebiddle Street past Mitre Way. There is also a parking garage directly beside Alexander's Italian Bistro on Liberty Avenue.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash and all major credit cards.  

I have a question, but it wasn't on the list!

If you have any additional questions, just ask! Give us a call at (412) 235-7199 or email us at